TEXTILES – HOME FABRICS The world of textiles is a world of emotions and dreams. The colours, the patterns, the textures of curtains, upholstery and cushions are essential in any well-designed interior. We work with the best manufacturers and designers of home textiles: Misia and Dedar. Please visit us in our showroom, where you can [...]


FURNITURE This is a selection of pieces from our favourite brands. Here you will find the latest launches but also all time classics from Arflex, Cappellini, Tom Dixon, Gubi, B.D., Stellar Works and many other, maybe not yet so well known companies and designers. Are you interested in any of these pieces? Please get in [...]


LIGHTING Without light there is no colour and no form. Natural, indirect and direct light is essential for every interior. Here you can find a small selection of lamps from our favourite brands such as Tom Dixon, Lee Broom, Catellani&Smith, DCW Editions, Davide Groppi, CTO Lighting and many other maybe not yet so well known [...]


DECO The decorative details are more important than most people think. The role of pictures, frames, mirrors, vases, figurines, candles, plants and flowers in the overall decorative scheme is a vital one, they affect the mood and style of a room, and reflect the age, status, gender and personality of its inhabitants. An interior designer [...]


ART Art goes beyond decoration. No doubt. Art improves our lives. An artwork's energy affects the soul of those who get involved with it. We believe that art can change the world for the better. Choosing artworks for an interior is probably the most difficult part of a project and often needs a lot of [...]


EMPAPERATS Sostenim que l'ornamentació no és "un crim", i que la cobertura de parets amb papers que imiten altres materials pot ser perfectament acceptable. Per això creiem que l'empaperat és una opció a avaluar quan es tracta de decidir l’acabat de parets. A la nostra sala d'exposició pots trobar els dissenys més atraients de Dedar [...]