Barcelona Apartment Interior Design – Barcelona, Spain


This apartment in the Eixample district of Barcelona has been acquired as a fully renovated property. The bright new and trendy interiors were lack of personality, so the client commissioned Recdi8 Studio to dress the apartment and give it a powerful character.

The studio decided to contrast the neutral style of the kitchen and bathroom furnishing with edgy wallpapers, precious thick velvet curtains, upholstery, and details in brass and satin lacquer. For the furnishing, recdi8 has chosen several vintage pieces from the 1950’s and combined them with contemporary furniture and lamps, some of them designed by Recdi8 Studio.

The daylight shining on the lively wallpaper patterns and the intensive textile colors gives the apartment a vibrant atmosphere. At night the reflections of softly dimmed light on shimmering velvet, satin lacquers, and brass elements bring coziness into the spaces.

Entrance Hall - Barcelona Apartment Interior Design - Redci8 Living

Color Palette

Dark and Light Green, Black, Gold, Cream White, Brick Red.


Velvet, Brass, Satin Laquer.

Finishing Elements

Arflex Chairs and Sofa, DCW and CTO Lamps, and Vintage Furniture


Take a look at our approach to this Barcelona Apartment Interior Design project.


Entrance Hall Design

The Walls covered in Dedar’s Silkbird Gold Wallpaper welcome you in the entrance hall.

This sophisticated look, a mix of tradition, elegance and contemporary colors, you will find in a less exaggerated manner in the whole apartment.

The matt black lacquered wardrobe is made to measure. Its oblique and rounded shape blocking the entrance area and leads you into the apartment.

The ceiling lamps, the model ‘Into the sun’ from DCW, illuminate the entrance with soft and warm light.

The curtains are made of a velvet fabric by Dedar.


Dining Area Design

The kitchen and dining area were divided by black framed glass doors. This trendy industrial look felt wrong in a classic Barcelonian Eixample building.
So Recdi8 decided to take out these doors and add a bespoke counter table to increase the work and storage space of the kitchen.
The big table from Sovet Italia has a black ceramic surface. The chairs are vintage models from the 1950ies. The ceiling lamp over the dining table is the iconic model Crown from Nemo. The wallpaper is from NLKL.


Living Room Design

The passage arches between the kitchen and living room and the one between the living and the veranda are covered with brass, embracing the central space of the apartment.
The furniture selection of the living room is quite eclectic: two Chinese wardrobes, an Eames lounge chair, a small armchair by &Tradition, a sideboard by Punt Mobles, a sofa by Arflex Italia, a ceiling lamp by CTO and the rounded silk carpet is designed by Recdi8.
The wooden lower wall paneling is lacquered in matt dark grey and the upper walls are painted with chalk paint in a sandy light grey. The brick red velvet curtains are from Dedar.


Veranda Design

The veranda is surrounded from three sides by big windows.
Recdi8 has equipped this space with two comfy armchairs, a 1950ies remake from Arflex.
The side table is from &Tradition. The bookshelf is an iconic 1950ies design re-edited by Bernstorffsminde.  The desk is a vintage piece found at El Recibidor Barcelona. The white linen curtains are from Dedar. 


Bedroom Design

The main wall of the master bedroom is covered with an elegant wallpaper designed by Hermès. The warm brown, gold and dark blue shades give this room in a pleasant autumn forest feel.
The four-poster bed in brass is by Xam. The bespoke headboard and the curtains are made of ‘Adamo&Eva’ velvet from Dedar. The shimmering nacre bedside lamps are from Verpan and the reading lamps are from DCW.

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